March 2, 2013

Summer Carnival by Make It Perfect

 Last weekend I was fortunate to test a new pattern for Make It Perfect Patterns. As soon as Toni sent me the picture of this one I knew I had to make some time to sew it. Luckily it was fast and easy, like many of the Make It Perfect patterns.
This little baby is called the Summer Carnival and is new, hot off the press. It was released on Tuesday and in my opinion if you have a little baby, it is a must. The photo below is from the pattern cover. 

 I have been on the search for a good hat pattern for a while. Zoe is in need of some new hats and I'm sorry, they can't just be any colour. They must coordinate with her outfits. I think it is OK to match when you are a baby. Not quite so cute when you are a middle aged woman though. We went for a holiday to the Sunshine Coast in late January and I figured I'd be able to find her a few up there. I couldn't find any that I liked for a baby under 2.  We ended up getting caught in Cyclone Oswald and there wasn't really much need for a hat anyway. I have been on the prowl ever since. I was delighted to make this one for Zoe.

 The Summer Carnival comes with pattern instructions and pieces to make a hat and bloomers for a baby aged 0-24 months. I made Zoe's up in the 12-24 months pattern pieces. It is a little big for her, which is perfect beacuse she is just 11 months and I want it to fit next Summer as well. Zoe is really not into hats at the moment, she tries to pull them off her head and she is just going to have to learn that hats are a way of life outdoors. This one has fantastic ties, so try as she might, she just couldn't get the hat off. Perfect!

 That resulted in this little tanty. I have to admit, I probably would have given into my first child at this point, but I just sat back and laughed third time around. I found it all rather amusing.

 Don't you love the overly dramatic head on the table. Upset, but not upset enough to throw her baby doll away. And then because I laughed, Zoe was over it pretty quickly!

 The blomers were hard to get a good picture of. Zoe does not sit still and my camera just doesn't take good photos while there is movement going on.
 There are alot of patterns out there for bloomers/nappy covers or whatever you like to call them. I love this one though because the cut is a bit different, giving you the option to put ruffles on that wrap around the sides and onto the sides of the front, which I think is super cute. It reminds me of some of the sooki baby bloomers that you see out there. The ruffles are a little hard to see on here because I went with a patterned fabric, but I plan to make up a few more pairs and fiddle with the ruffles a little bit. It would look good I think with some contrasting fabrics, and even some lace, as long as your baby was either over the drag yourself around on your bottom stage, or not quite there yet. The bloomers are cute, but not overly fussy, which I love, because I find overly fussy clothes to be good for photo opportunities and not every day clothing. You only need so many occasional outfits, and way more everyday outfits!!

 Pretty cute don't you think. And very easy to sew. If you were a beginner who had tackled a few projects already and knew their way around their machine, this pattern would be fine for you to attempt. My only advice - you have curved edges on your hat to sew around. Be precise with you cutting and even more precise when sewing -  it is important that you use the recommended seam allowance to sew. And using more pins will stop the fabric stretching on the curved edges as you sew around it.

 Had to put in another one of the hat just because I love it so much. This pattern is appropriate for girls and boys - use a boyish fabric, leave the ruffles off and it is perfect for a baby boy! Check out the Toni's blog here for more variations on this pattern and information on where to purchase it.

 Thanks Toni for asking me to test. I absolutely love this one!!

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