April 7, 2013

A Honey Blouse

Another pattern review - this one is the Honey Blouse by Make it Perfect Patterns. I first came across this pattern when I was pregnant with Zoe and Toni asked me to pattern test it for her. I loved it at the time, it was perfect for the whole fat stage of pregnancy (kicks in much earlier third time around) and I have been meaning to make myself another ever since.

I whipped this little number up the other week and have finally gotten around to blogging about it. It is the perfect addition to my Autumn wardrobe. 
This is a very simple easy to sew pattern, and although I have only just got around to making myself another, I have made this several times for other people. It is a pattern that suits many body types and shapes. 
I used a pretty cotton voile from my stash. Voile can sometimes be a frustrating fabric to sew with - it can be a bit slippery and harder to manipulate than some other fabrics. Ironing all your seams after sewing, and things like neck and arm bindings prior to sewing makes this alot easier.
I altered the pattern quite a bit for this one, simply because I only had 1.2 meters of this fabric - not enough to finish it as indicated in the pattern. If you look at the pattern picture below, you will see that the waistband is finished off with some ties.

You do need a bit of fabric for the waistband and ties, which I didn't have, so I simply cut a thick band the same width as the bottom of the shirt, sewed the short ends together to make a big fabric circle, folded it in half lengthways and inserted some of the thickest elastic I could find into the band. Then I carefully sewed the band onto the shirt, stretching the elastic as I went. Once I was happy with the elastic band attachment, I simply sewed through the elastic at even intervals around the bottom of the band to add a nice detail and help the elastic sit flat and nicely inside the fabric.
I actually really like the finished product. I was disappointed at first when I realised I couldn't do the ties, because in my head, this fabric has been set aside for a honey blouse for sometime. I was glad I could come up with an alternate solution. I still really like the ties and will definately make another with ties after winter, but this works well for now, especially because I have a little one who is constantly pulling on clothing and the ties would always be getting pulled at the moment.

The pattern has some pretty details inclding this twisted neckband to finish the neckline. The sleeve has a similar finish. I love the neckband - be sure to take your time on it and iron it before you sew it on.

I found the instructions for the pattern clear and easy to understand. Because this style of clothing works best with some fabric with drape, I wouldn't recommend this as a project for someone who was brand new to sewing. If you have a few projects under your belt though and consider yourself and advanced beginner, you should be able to sew it up no problems. Toni's instructions are very clear and designed so that people who haven't sewn much can put the garment together. If you are an experienced sewer, I would recommend a quick read through before you sew, it goes together easily and you will figure out most of it without needing instructions. Also, I sized this pattern down to 3xs. I am an Australian 6, or a US size zero/2 depending on the fit. If you are in a similar size range, I would recommend you do the same. If you are petite, you sould check the finished garment measurements, you may need to shorten the length. I am 170cm and this length is perfect for me.

I personally love the way this blouse sits, it is great for the days when you want something that looks nice, but is not clingy. If you are a sewer and want to read my review on sewing.patternreview.com, please click here. Also if you found my blog from sewing pattern review, please check out the Make It Perfect site here - there are lots of great patterns available and I peronally am a big fan of Toni's work.
Have a great week, Marnie

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