July 16, 2013

Hero Vest

It's been ages since I blogged. We got back from a fabulous family holiday to Hawaii last week and it has been busy getting the kids back into their normal routine, unpacking and getting back to school. I plan on doing a quick blog highlight of our trip sometime next week.

Before we left, I had the chance to test another pattern that was released while we were away. Somehow in the last few weeks of her fourth pregnancy, Toni from Make it Perfect managed to get this cute pattern together and emailed it through to be tested. Seriously, she is one organised lady. Makes me feel quite inefficient at times…

The pattern is for a hooded vest - perfect for both boys and girls. It can be used with either woven fabrics or knit fabrics and has the same adorable circular pockets that are a feature of the Zip-It dress. I made one up for Connor using some polar fleece from my stash. It was also lined with polar fleece, making it warm and perfect for winter.
Now before I go on, I need to say that my Connor is a real character. There is a big personality going on inside his little body. I asked him to model the vest for me and well, the photos below speak for themselves. Please excuse the lack of coordination in his clothes. He chose them himself and refused to get changed because according to him "I look awesome in this Mum."
Please note that none of the poses below were prompted by me, neither was the positioning of his standing on the outdoor furniture. I just simply stood and clicked and tried not to laugh. How's this for a blue steele face?

This one below kills me. I asked him to turn around so I could get a back view. His interpretation of that request…

And the last shot..
 This is a surprisingly easy sew. Don't be intimidated by the zipper, Toni's instructions are great and you will find it really straightforward. Anyone who is an advanced beginner would have no problems tackling this pattern. So get out there and get sewing for all those little men in your life. This is a super cute, yet very practical pattern that your little guy or girl is sure to love. It has of course got me thinking about how easy it would be to whack a sleeve on and get a super cute jacket. What a great pattern. So many options. Someone stop me before I start browsing online fabric stores for more fabric to sew it up again.....
 Hopelessly addicted to both fabric shopping and Make it Perfect patterns,

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