May 15, 2014

One Thimble Edition 3

Hi! I hope you are excited about tomorrow's big release of the One Thimble Ezine Magazine, Edition 3. And if you don't have any idea what I am talking about, you should really get your head out of the sand and head on over to find out more.
One Thimble is a fantastic resource for sewers, both beginner and advanced. It is packed full of great patterns, helpful sewing tips, interesting articles, and great advice for those who are interested in selling their homemade products. I had a sneak peak of this addition and it is amazing Here's what is included:
Sewing patterns for - women, girls, boys and babies. And we are not talking silly little patterns that you won't use. We are talking some serously awesome patterns. I tested a couple of them and they are some of my favourite patterns ever.

Make it Perfect is releasing the Daisy Chain Dress and this is my favourite pattern of Toni's yet. I've made around 5 of these already. Yes I am addicted. It is like a blank canvas and allows you to really change the fabrics for totally different looks.

This one I omitted the pocket, added a long sleeve and a lace piece to the front. It is made from merino wool jersey. And please excuse the photobombing 5 year old scootering in the background. It is the reality of my life at the moment.

The third one I made from a stretch lace with a jersey lining, and added a scalloped hemline for a bit of extra detail.

And the others I have no got photos of yet, but will show them at a later date. This dress pattern is getting a blog post all of its own.
I also had the pleasure of testing the Bow Trim dress - this pattern is by Ainslee Fox Boutique Patterns. I really do consider Jen to be the queen of girls dress patterns. This one is simple and easy and I love the instructions for how to do the trim. It is perfect for this time of year, you can make it in a heavier fabric and layer it over tights and t shirts, and will be a staple in Zoe's wardrobe.

I've also seen the Thermomix cover from Pattern Emporium, - if you have no idea what a thermomix is, then yes, you are really missing out, and it is high time you googled it. And if you are from America, I am sorry to tell you for some strange unknown reason they don't sell Thermomixes in America and that truly does suck because they are brilliant. Never fear though, it will fit a standard overlocker as well. I cannot wait for my fabric that I ordered to arrive so I can get sewing.
There are some other really great and beautiful patterns in this edition, and also some really good articles and interviews that I enjoyed reading and found very informative.
I've also got a small tutorial on these, which can be made with that pile of ever growing fabric scraps that you don't want to chuck out but don't know what to do with.

I do feel a little like a second class citizen with the stellar lineup that is in this mag and Jen was very generous to include this tutorial, and was very helpful and sweet with all the advice on how to get everything into a digital format. Time for a course I think..
Anyway, I really want to get this blog post done today and my kids are conspiring against me. I now have a two year old on my lap who will no longer be ignored and it is time to pick up the 8 year old for a trip to the orthodontist, so I can't write more at this point in time. But just buy it. Trust me, you'll love it! And don't forget to join the One Thimble facebook page for a special release day discount.


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  1. What a great blog. Love reading about the patterns and enjoy the family mentions. :)