March 13, 2014

Puzzle Storage Bags- a tutorial

Jigsaw puzzle pieces are a bit like adventurous socks. There are inevitably some which ALWAYS go missing. I thought with the return of school that I would have hours at my sewing machine but it has not been so! These bags were so quick though that I snuck them in before school pick-up one afternoon. They are easy-peasy and finally your puzzle pieces will have a safe place to stay. With a window at the front you and your chubby-fingered friend know exactly what's in them.

You'll need:
-fabric scraps- depending on what size your puzzle is, enough for the outside and the lining.
-clear vinyl
-4 inches/10cm of thick ribbon if you want a handle
-sew-on velcro
-little bit of baking paper

Start by measuring the length and width of your puzzle.

I'm an Aussie girl and usually work in metrics but after a few years of sewing I've realised America is never going to change and as I love to quilt, I've had to get my head around inches and yards. I'm using inches in this tutorial but it is so simple you shouldn't have any trouble working it out in metrics.
 Add 1.5 inches (about 4cm) to each measurement and then draw yourself a nice little picture. You don't need to do this step really but it helps you see clearly the sizes you need to cut.

On my square I drew a horizontal line, 3 inches from the top. This is the front part of the bag- the 3 inch part is the fabric and the rest is the vinyl. Because of the seam I added an extra half inch to both the rectangular fabric part and the vinyl.
Then I drew a second square and added 3 inches to the top for the front flap.

So My pieces measured as follows:
-2 fabric front pieces (one outer, one lining): 9 x 3.5 inches each
-1 piece vinyl: 6.5 x 9 inches
-2 fabric back pieces:(one outer and one lining) 9 x 12 inches each

Turn and press 1cm of one long edge of each short piece.

Then sew  the other long edges of those 2 fabric pieces onto the vinyl. The vinyl should be sandwiched in between the right sides of your lining and your outer fabric.

Then press the seam to the right side, being careful not to melt the vinyl.

Then top stitch along the seam with the vinyl, then the edges which you pressed over at first.

Use a little bit of baking paper underneath or the vinyl will stick to your sewing machine. Then carefully rip it off the back when you are done.

Now it's time to put it all together.
Start with your lining, right side up then put your vinyl piece on top, lining up the bottom edges.

Pin the ribbon in place.

Then lay your other fabric piece, right side facing the vinyl.

Stitch around the edges leaving the straight edge at the top open.

Snip off the corners.

Then turn out to the right way.

Turn top edge in and press.

Then stitch it closed.

Sew on your velcro.

And that is all there is to it.
Put your puzzles in and start revolutionising that rotten puzzle shelf.

No more homeless pieces.


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