September 12, 2013

Vogue 1257

Well now that Spring is finally here, it seems a bit silly to be blogging about a winter dress. But I am a slack blogger and don't blog about even a quarter of the things I sew. This dress I really liked though, so I wanted to make sure I quickly put it on the blog. Once again - I take a really bad picture. I hate having my photo taken and always look stuff and awkward. 
This dress is Vogue 1257. It said on the front that it was easy, and I have to admit I was skeptical. I was pleasantly surprised though, I found it really straightforward and relatively quick, but I have sewn lots and lots of dresses with knit in my time.

I used some sort of poly/spandex knit from Spotlight. I don't know the exact composition, its not quite an ITY knit but similar. My machine is really picky when I sew with these knits. I have to use a thick ballpoint needle (90) to get it to sew well. I overlock wherever possible.
I added some mini pom poms to the neckline just to add some detail.

I found this to be a flattering pattern, it was straightforward to sew, but I know a few others do not agree with me on this. I am not sure why. For me, it is a flattering cut and the draping around the waist hides and mummy tummy bumps and bulges. I will be sewing it again.

I think this pattern will probably work well with most knits except really thin ones - you need a knit that drapes well, but can also hold its own weight so that the hemline sits well. 
Vogue patterns are traditionally more expensive than other patterns - but for me, I find that the fit tends to be a little better and there are generally more pattern markings, which means everything lines up well. This pattern does nto suit a beginner, I think you need to have quite a few knit dresses under you belt, and be familiar with how garments are constructed to get a good result.
Here's the side view.

My only gripe with this pattern is the freakishly tight sleeve. I don't know what the pattern testing process for Vogue is, but I have no idea how this was missed. I have thin arms - really thin actually and when I sewed it up and put it on, it was like getting into a leotard with regards to the sleeve. I had to insert a piece in them to make it wearable and look closely at the pirctures. The sleeve is still pretty tight. If you sew it definitely add some extra to the sleeve width, quite a bit extra!! Other than that, I like the pattern. I will get around to blogging about mroe seasonally appropriate clothes eventually. Probably just in time for summer to be over though!
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