November 20, 2014

Festival Skirt

Last week the latest edition of  One Thimble e-zine was released and this skirt by Toni of Make it Perfect quickly caught my eye. It's called the 'Festival Skirt' and was a really quick sew, especially for someone like me who isn't exactly speedy on the clothing patterns.

I live in Perth, Western Australia. The grass is bright green at the moment after all the Winter rain combined with the warmer weather of Spring, but very soon it will all turn to varying shades of brown as the long hot Summer takes over. My belly will be rapidly expanding over the Summer so I am looking for comfortable, cool clothes to get me and my 5 degrees warmer than usual body through the next few months.

The elastic waist and the pockets in the side automatically got the thumbs up from me. I find as a Mum, I've always got tissues, bandaids and hair elastics in my pockets and when I wear skirts it's always a problem when there's no easy place to stash a few essentials.
I had these photos taken by my 2 boys who were fighting over my phone and over who would take the photos. The 'Ballalina' as she calls herself, insisted on being in every shot with that nasty tutu which is causing me no end of dramas every time we leave the house and I try to get her to wear something decent.

Like all of Toni's patterns this is really easy to put together. It took me an hour to print out the pieces, tape them together, cut out the fabric and sew it up. I used a soft linen by the Australian Designers 'Prints Charming' which I picked up on clearance a few months ago.
Because I am taller than average, and because I like to be able to sit and play Lego on the floor with my kids without giving them any trauma, I added 2 inches to the length of the pattern and it sits just below my knees.
So if you're looking for a quick sew to get your Summer wardrobe happening, pop on over to One Thimble and get yourself a copy of the recent jam-packed E-zine. Or, if it seems like a bit much when you're only after one or two patterns you can purchase individuals patterns here.


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  1. beautiful kate! and i love your little ballalina too, hahaha!!!