December 3, 2014

Patched Apple Applique Tutorial

 If you're looking to pretty up a plain t-shirt, this is for you. Quick and so easy that you probably don't need to read this whole post…..

It's always a bummer when your kids are in the ugliest house colour at school. I'm one of those mums who is on the side line cheering for my boys (don't worry- I'm not obnoxious). A day before the sports carnival I wondered how I could possibly make such an ugly colour look cute for a side-line mascot 2 year old. This is what I managed to come up with.
I whipped her up a little Joey dress out of a plain white tee and a men's t-hirt for the green. I had some scraps of navy ribbing but in the end I was still left with an ugly colour for a 2 year old. That was when the patched apple was born. It helped tie the colours of the dress together and make it such a cute option that she gets compliments whenever she wears it. I've been meaning to make another version for several months but only just got to it last week.

I've used the same type of idea for some pencil cases

and think a patched apple would be a lovely addition to a girl's tote bag.

Anyway, this is hardly genius construction but this is how you do it.
All you need is some fabric scraps, some fusible bonding such as Vlisofix and something to put it on.

You can make your own template or print this one:

Sew all your scraps together in a random pattern, making sure there is variety of fabric as well as different sizes and shapes of scraps.

Press all the seams to one side or the other and get it to sit as flat as possible.
Iron on your fusible webbing and then trace the shape of the apple.

Cut it out and then iron it onto a solid coloured piece of fabric. Chose a colour that will outline the apple well and give it some definition from whatever you are sewing it on.

Iron some fusible webbing onto the back of the solid piece of fabric and then cut around apple leaving a 2mm border of the solid fabric around the outside.

Cut out the stalk and the leaf and arrange them in an apple-ly manner. Iron them down and stitch around the edges. I used a simple straight stitch and left the edges raw but you could zig zag around the edge if you want a neater finish. You can also add a few decorative stitches along some seams of the apple.

And that's it.


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