March 10, 2015

Five Inch Patch

This is my latest quilt- a simple patchwork made of eighty 5" squares.

There are lots of bright colours and bold patterns. I can imagine a baby during tummy time going completely cross-eyed on this.
My 6 year old helped me to arrange the rows. "Is the the one I helped you make?" she asked. 
My lanky regular helper was happy to oblige again. I didn't quite have enough backing fabric so I did a pieced back with some extra squares.
I went for straight line quilting again, 3/8" ether side of each seam. I think it keeps the quilt looking crisp and clean, especially when the fabrics are all busy. 

I used the same stripes binding again also because I love the interest it adds to the edge.
It's going in the stash of baby quilts for my expectant mother friends…..okay, it IS the stash at the moment but I'm hoping to add to it over the coming weeks. Or if time gets the better of me I might use it for my next little guy.


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