March 7, 2015

Summer Sewing - A Skippy and Joey

Well it is officially autumn here (sob sob come back Summer) and I haven't shared any of the things I made for myself over summer - mostly because I haven't photographed them. Anyway, I intend to share them over the next little while, but I intend to do a lot of things on this blog and then real life gets in my way! Anyway, here is a Skippy dress that I have lived in over the past couple of months. I love the Skippy dress, blogged about here, and for a lazy quick sew, I left the pocket off this one. It's bright, it's comfy and my husband tells me I'm easy to spot in a crowd when I'm wearing this dress. Here is a couple of awkward shots Scott took for me.

And because I can't leave her out here's little Zoe in her favourite Joey dress. Super cute. I love it - the pattern and the fabric.

 Both patterns are from Make It Perfect Patterns. Fabric for my dress is from Ixat, with the contrast from The Fabric Store. Fabric for Zoe's dress is from Crafty Mamas fabrics. Thanks for stopping by!
Happy Sewing, Marnie!!!

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  1. Okay, so I have no idea why I haven't seen any of your blog posts for months! Maybe since you switched to blogger I missed them all and missed the change over too?!!! Having a bit catch up tonight and LOVE these dresses - cool sleeve variations too. You are a machine! x