May 29, 2015

Done With Nesting. Come On Baby.

I'm on the approach to infinity- when you look around at all the children at school each morning and think, how are there so many children if babies never COME OUT?!

Here is what I've been sewing lately for the arrival of our last little man.

The first thing I started with was this bassinet cover.
 I started off by making a paper pattern which fitted the bassinet dimensions, added a bit for seam allowance and then quilted around the sides and hood.
I gathered the grey fabric on the outside before joining it onto the green and put an elastic casing around the edge so that there was plenty of room for it to hug the hug of the bassinet. There are snaps on the side which go over the handles so that the cover can't come down onto the baby. There are also ties at the back of the green hood which come through the back of the bassinet so that he will be perfectly safe.

Each morning I look in the bassinet and think, "still no baby."

Next I made a fitted sheet for the cot. I plan to make a few more but figure I've got a bit of time. There are lots of good tutorials online. I read through the article in Issue 6 of One Thimble. I had to modify the instructions slightly as my fabric wasn't quite wide enough but it still covers the sides of the mattress well.

Next was the cover for the change mat, made out of a lovely soft minky. I don't know about you but a lot of my minky goes missing and I find it wrapped around baby dolls or Sam turns up with it one afternoon asking if he can make yet another pillow for himself.

To store the nappies this time I made a divided basket using Noodlehead's pattern. I love her patterns for making bags and this one is good too. Working with the interfacing was a little fiddly for me but well worth it.
Usually I make a nappy stacker for the nursery but each time I can't quite remember how I did it and it's one of those projects which is fraught with a bit of frustration. Then once you're done with the nappy stage I always feel a bit heart broken sending it to the second hand shop. The good thing about making a basket instead is that when the toilet training is conquered the little guy can use it to put some precious bits and pieces in.

Next was the pillow……of course babies don't need pillows at all but it brightens up the room.

And finally the quilt. I'm not the world's neatest piecer but I think it will do.

This is the front. I left the pattern mostly to chance and really like how it turned out.

I made it double sided, mostly because I couldn't decide what design I like more and I didn't have enough fabric of what I had originally intended for the back.

I made these arrows using this tutorial. They were more time consuming than I anticipated but quilting often is.

And that's it for now. The sewing room is cleaned up and I dare not let it explode again before I have to run off to hospital.



  1. KATE - a new baby soon! That is such exciting news (I live under a bush...) hope all goes well and your little man is settled and sleeps 10 hours every night ;)
    Such awesome creations too, I love sewing with the anticipation of a new baby.
    Good luck!

    1. Thanks Toni, I can't wait to meet him. I can't believe Harvey is 2 already!