February 20, 2016

Say Cheese!

Last Friday morning I was contemplating what to do with the 15 minutes between feeding the baby and the time my alarm would go off. I'd normally jump back into bed but I wasn't sleepy at all. I considered the possibilities- tackling my huge pile of ironing, getting all the lunches made, preparing a nice breakfast for the kidlets, and then I remembered, it was One Thimble Day!
So I indulged myself a little- a little more than 15 minutes I'm sorry to say.

Being a big time appliqué fan, it was this pattern which caught my eye:

This pattern was written by blogger Stephanie Woodson at Swoodson Says. It's beautifully presented and inspires all sorts of adventure. These are really simple yet eye catching motives. Any of them would look great on a messenger bag, a t-shirt or a cushion cover. I was really drawn to the camera and that is how my 'Say Cheese!' t-shirt was born.

To make your own, this is what you need:
-pattern for camera- either from One Thimble or draw your own.
-fabric scraps- choose fabric which doesn't have too much pattern.
-ribbon- for flash and neck strap.
-felt for the view finder
-shoe lace or thin ribbon (10cm or 4")
-small amount of fusible web
-plain t-shirt

When choosing your fabric scraps, choose colours which both complement each other and contrast nicely with each other and the colour of the t-shirt.

Cut 2 rectangles of fabric for the camera body, either using Swoodson's template or your own. Make sure the sides are straight.

Sew them together and press seam towards the bottom rectangle.

Then take your shoelace or thin ribbon, cut two pieces approximately 5cm each, fold them in half and baste onto the sides of the camera as shown.

Next, take a scrap of fabric the same size as your camera. With right sides together (of the fabric scrap and the camera) sew all the way around the edge using a 3/8" seam allowance. Trim the edges and corners.

If at this point you a scratching your head wondering why on earth I've done this, keep reading. It is a much faster way of getting a neat edge on the camera rather than the traditional zig zag stitch.

Next, cut a hole in the fabric scrap which you just sewed onto the camera front.

Then turn it inside out through the hole.

Then press.
Sew on a small rectangle of felt in the corner for the view finder.

Use some fusible web on your fabric for the camera lens to keep it in place. I used black and white felt for the lens, though it's difficult to see with the dodgy night time photography. Sew around the edges of the two circles of the lens several times. As the lens is a circle the raw edge won't fray much in the wash so it's not necessary to zig zag around the lens edge.

Use about 5cm (2") of cute ribbon for your flash. Fold it in half and sew it on near the top of the camera so that  the fold of the ribbon is pointed towards the bottom of the camera.

Position the camera in place on the t-shirt and sew it in position. It is worth putting some fusible web on the back of the camera to keep it in place while you sew, though it's not entirely necessary.

As you come close to the ribbon, flip it up so that the fold of the ribbon now sits just above the camera edge and stitch in place.

Next, take your ribbon for the neck strap, thread it through your side ribbon/shoe laces loops and pin in place. (Yes, this is a different t-shirt).

Fold your ribbon under near the shoulders and near the camera and then stitch it into place, being careful not to stretch the t-shirt as you sew.

Then stand back, and admire the cute thing(s) you've made.