June 30, 2016

The Aura Bolero from Sofilantjes

 Hi, I am determined to blog a bit more often than I have been of late and show you a few of the things I've been sewing. First up is the newly released Aura Bolero from Sofilantjes Patterns.

I joined the pattern testing team to test this bolero because I liked the look of it so much and couldn't wait for the pattern. I am a big fan of Sofilantjes patterns - I find them to be be very reliable with regards to size and fit and they always sew up really really well.

One of the reasons I love Sofilantjes patterns is the size range included in the pattern - all the way from 12 months through to fourteen years, making them excellent value for money. we will get plenty of years out of this bolero.

Owing to the fact that it is insanely cold here at the moment (oh I cannot wait for Winter to end) I tested that long sleeve gathered version of the bolero. This pattern includes three sleeve lengths, and options for pleating or gathering, making it suitable all seasons. So if you are like me and know you only need suffer though another 8 weeks or so of cold weather, you'll still get plenty of use out of your Aura Bolero once it warms up.

I used an European Cotton lycra for one of my jackets and also a quilted knit for another. I didn't need to change sizes despite the fact that the knits do have different stretch properties, and this is a pattern that would work for a huge range of knits. It's fast and easy to sew and I highly recommend it.

I've been working quite hard on understanding photography a little more over the past couple of months and I'm really starting to enjoy it now that it is making more sense to me, and Zoe will actually occasionally stand still for me!! Not for long, but long enough for me to get clearer pictures.

Anyway pop on over to the Sofilantjes site for more information on the Aura Bolero and Anne, thanks for having me test. Love your work.


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