September 28, 2012


After two boys, I am really enjoying having a girl. I know I am likely to not feel so keen when she is a teenager, so I am just going to enjoy it while it lasts. 

My husband took the two boys away for a couple of nights today, and I had the very rare opportunity to turn up George Michael on the ipod while Zoe slept (don't judge me, I went to high school in the 90s) and sew for longer than 10 mins without interruptions. Amazing how much you can get done.

First of all these ruffly little leggings. These were so fast and easy to make I may never buy another pair again. These of course are for Zoe and not for me. I am well and truly past the age where getting around with ruffles on the bottom is considered suitable attire. Please ignore the slightly blurred image. I have no good excuse for this other than not owning a decent camera.

Next I finished off this little dress for my niece Emily (Kate's third child) for her 4th birthday. Her head is much cuter than this dummy's head. 
Here is a close up of the ruffle detail on the hem.

And next I cut into some fabrics I have been hoarding for ages to make these adorable little ruffly skirts with built in nappy covers…

I absolutley love these!! They are a little big for Zoe but she is growing fast so I think they should fit her properly by the time summer is here. The blue one is for her and the little pink and grey number will be making its way across the country for my niece Georgina. She's Kate's baby girl and she was born the day after Zoe. I can't wait for the two of them to meet.

I also added some appliques to some bodysuits to match the skirts

And because nothing annoys me more than having to ruin a cute outfit with a bib that just does not go, I made some matching bibs. 

Who wouldn't want to see thir little girl in such a cute outfit?

And even though it is a bit big, here is miss Zoe in her little outfit.

Don't you just love those chubby legs as she plays on her mat

Love the built in nappy cover!!!

Please contact me if you are interested in having a dress like Emily's made for your little girl (suitable for ages 1-12), or a ruffly skirt like the one above (suitable for ages 3 months to two years).

Hope you enjoy your long weekend, I'm off to enjoy the serenity of a quiet house while it lasts!


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