September 3, 2012

Papa's 60th

Last year our parents both turned 60. This is what we made for Dad: I had never made a quilt this large before and was a bit worried about quilting it without it bunching up at the back. I didn't want to stress out my little Janome too much so I made this in sections and then put them together at the end. 

Each white section is a separate piece  which was quilted individually, as was each of the border strips. I then joined them together with the seams showing on the right side of the quilt and then sewed a wide strip of binding over the seams (which is the blue strip with red spots on it).
The brief for the quilt was that each of the grandkids was to feature. I am not a huge fan of photo quilts so I wanted the photos to look as well-integrated into the quilt as possible. 
 Both our Mum and Dad instilled into us an appreciation of the genuis of Dr Suess as children so we figured that Dr Suess fabric was the only way to go. 
I thought these different transport appliques fitted well with the fun of the quilt.

 It was a huge hit........the only problem is that there's another 2 little chubby cheeked faces that have come into out family since then.-Kate

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