October 25, 2012

The Mission Maxi

I have a confession to make. I am a selfish sewer. I like to sew mainly for myself. I think I am addicted to sewing dresses. I have way too many sewing patterns and way too much fabric sitting in the stash waiting to be sewn
The main reason I learnt to sew was because I was sick of looking in the shops for clothes that would actually fit me. I think there is a massive gap in the market. Which mother in her 30's running around after kids all day wants to do it in a miniskirt where there would be an embarrassing flash of all things under the miniskirt at least twice a minute with all the squatting down and getting up you have to do with little kiddos? I am also a firm believer that not all cleavage is good cleavage - many necklines out there are way too low for my liking. I found that when I actually found something that fit me, it was either super short, or way too low, or if I found something that was appropriate, it cost way too much and I didn't really even like it. And so my obsession with sewing dresses began.
Of all the dresses out there, I think I like the maxi dress the most. It is so practical - you can dress it up easily, dress it down with some casual shoes. And on the days when you just haven't had time to address the hairy legs, or that fake tan is looking a little blotchy, it is perfect for hiding a world of sins. To say that I have been on the hunt for a great maxi dress pattern would be an understatement. And then I came across this little beauty.

I saw this great little Jamie Christina pattern a while ago - but immediately dismissed it because I don't really wear sleveless dresses. Then I saw it reviewed a number of times on sewing.patternreview.com and there was not one bad review. Every single person - and there are many reviews on bodies of all shapes and sizes, reviewed the pattern positively and was happy with the end result. So I decided it was time to order the pattern and fiddle with it a little.
Instead of the tank top on the pattern I simply extended the pattern pieces out past the shoulders and changed it so that it had a dolman sleeve. I love this style of sleeve. It is easy to sew and really breezy and cool to wear in the hot Australian summer (can't wait). My pattern pieces ended up looking like this.

I also lifted the neckline up 1.5 inches cause it was way too low for me. No point flaunting what you haven't got hey? Here's a picture of the dress being cut out.

And this is the end result. I love it, I think it is a super flattering dress and it is perfect for those patterned fabrics that are tricky to sew when you start cutting lots of pattern pieces and have to try to match patterned fabric up. (I've got to put in a disclaimer here that these pictures were taken by a 7 year old at the end of a very long day - I am looking very tired)
I loved it so much I immediately made another. 

Awesome isn't it? And don't think it is because I am skinny that it works. I have had three children and things just don't sit where they used to. With stretchy fabrics (unless perhaps you are lucky enough to have Miranda Kerr's figure) the trick to getting them to flatter a figure is all about how the fabric is cut. The cut of this pattern through the waist and hips is fabulous and would be flattering for lots of different shapes and sizes. For those that sew, please see my proper review here (well come back in a day or so when I have figured out how to post a link). Here's the side view

This is such a straightforward dress to sew. It doesn't take long and it produces a fabulous dress. Ive also made this for a pregnant friend a couple of times and it looks great on her - it is an easy pattern to adapt the waist to accomodate a growing baby. It will definately be my go to maxi dress pattern for knits from now on. Thanks Jamie Christina. This pattern is genius!


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  1. I love your version of this maxi dress, I also prefer a bit of a sleeve and a higher neckline. Your dresses look amazing on you! I am going to borrow your idea for the dolman sleeves! ��