November 15, 2012

School Teacher Totes

I realised last week that Christmas is going to come around very quickly. Christmas last year was a real blur for me - I was heading into my third trimester of Zoe's pregnancy and was so sick that I was purely in survival mode. We didn't do much Christmas stuff as a family and I don't really feel like I got to teach the boys all that much about the true meaning of Christmas. This year I am determined to get all of the present stuff out of the way by the end of November so that I can concentrate on bringing the true spirit of Christmas into our home in December. That means I want all my christmas sewing and shopping done by the end of the month, so it was time to sew a few gifts.

Austin's school requests that we do not spend large amounts of money on Christmas gifts for teachers, so I like to give the teachers simple totes. He has two teachers in his class and they will each be getting these tote bags.

I used the colour blocked tote tutorial (spelt color blocked tote on the website seeing as the American's don't know how to spell properly) on the MADE website. Like all of Dana's tutorials, this is fantastic and easy to follow and you get a great bag at the end of it.

Connor has five teachers at preschool that I need to get pressies for. Three of them will be receiving these simple tote bags.

I love tote bags. They are so easy to sew and are a perfect project for a beginner sewer. It is all straight lines and simple sewing and before you know it - a tote bag appears. And they are practical as well. I'll be putting together a tute and posting it later in the week for anyone who wants to attempt to make one.
 I think these three still need a little something else on them. I am thinking of hand stitching the first initial of their name on the outside of each one just to make it more personal.
I've got a few more bags to make before I move onto the nieces...
Have you starting thinking about Christmas in your home yet?


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