November 27, 2012

The Gingercake Duffle

I had one preschool teacher that I hadn't sewn a bag for yet as a Christmas present. This teacher is one of those rare teachers that comes along only a handful of times in your child's life (I remember three of my teachers having this bond with me, and boy does it make a huge difference to you at the time). Connor absolutely adores this teacher - he can be quite a quirky little indvidual, and she really understands and loves him. His pre school is closing down at the end of the year, and he will start a new one next year. We will be really sad to be saying goodbye to Dani. As a thankyou, I made her this duffle bag.
This particular bag is from a Gingercake pattern, called the Getaway Duffle Bag. I have made this pattern loads of times and I really like it. 

The end result is a super cute bag that is very practical. It has loads of room, but is still very light. Here's a few I made for the boys.

Out of all the bags the boys own (there are alot of backpacks), these two get used the most. They are perfect for swimming lessons, sleepovers and playdates, and anything where you need a little more space than a standard backpack provides. The handles make it super easy for the kids to put them on their shoulders and carry them themselves, and because the bag has plenty of room, it is easy for the kids to pack them themselves, which is a real bonus for me at the moment because I seem to be carrying around a 10 kilo weight on my hip that can be as tricky to hold as a live octopus an awful lot these days.

Here's a few I made for my nieces last year for Christmas. They get a substantial amount of use. 

This is a really well thought out pattern. It is easier than it looks to sew and the pattern instructions are fantastic - really simple and easy to follow. It even makes putting the zip in easy for all those who are scared of zips. A perfect way to use those georgeous cottons that you've had sitting in your stash for ages!! Go on, give it a go. You won't be disappointed with the result!


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