January 18, 2013

Baby Boy

One of my best girlfriends had her 5th baby a few days after Christmas. 

She already had three boys, and had alot of stuff already, and I didn't know what to get her and her precious new little bundle. I remembered that when I had Zoe, one of my friends gave me the most beautiful handmade gift, a blanket and some matching burp cloths, wipes container and a nursing cover. I don't think I ever really told her how much I appreciated it, I know alot of time and effort went into making it and choosing fabrics and it was easily one of my favourite gifts (Elizabeth Hales I am talking about you)! I wanted to do something handmade for Beth, but even though she doesn't sew, I get nervous about making things for her because her home is beuatifully decorated and I think she has much better taste than me.
I went with some very simple blue fabric - called Windsor Lane, it's really sweet and good boy fabrics are so hard to come across. I knew baby Archer already had some white and grey bedding, so I chose to coordinate with some Riley Blake grey dots from the stash (always a good fabric to have in the stash, it goes with so much). 
I made a couple of blankets - this one is backed with minky.

This one is appliqued with a simple A, and I used some of those fancy stitches on my machine to do it, just cause it is rare that you ever use them.

I also made this blanket from some grey waffle cotton. I appliqued this one with a cute giraffe

I also made some quick burp cloths, because lets face it - it's not all glamour and cuteness with little babies, and you can never have enough burp cloths.

I also made some cute sleeping sacks for the little fella because I know Beth likes them. These are great for a baby that has to fit in with the everyday stuff of other children and is constantly getting dragged in and out of car seats and strollers and has to learn to sleep on the go. They have slot at the back to feed a seat belt through and a double ended zipper that you can open at the bottom to clip the arm straps into the buckle. The straps fit nicely over their arms and there is no need to constantly unwrap and wrap them to move them around. These two are made from merino wool - it is so soft and stretchy, not itchy at all, and will be so warm one the summer goes and the cool weather of winter arrives (sad to be thinking about it, isn't it).

This cute little dino was a necessary addition.

And finally, a little drawstring bag to put the smaller bits and pieces in.

A cherished little gift for a cherished little boy. Beth I've got some scraps left over if you want to make a cushion or mobile or anything else!


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