January 16, 2013

When The Baby Girls Met

Kate and her husband Craig and their 4 children came to Sydney this week. It was so nice to see them.

Kate's children are all around the same age as mine - she started a bit earlier than me and has squeezed and extra one in, but my children love getting together with hers. We have't seen them for ages - Perth really is a long long way away, and it was so nice to see them and the children. Poor Kate has had a really busy couple of months - they decided to buy land and build again, they've sold their house, then Christmas, school holidays, packing the house, moving and last of all, jumping on a plane and coming to Sydney. I wish I could have sent Kate off to sleep for a week. Life has been hectic and I really hope it slows down soon for her.
As you can see, the kids had an absolute blast together - here they are squeezing into Dad's big armchair at Mum and Dad's house.

Note the crazy two at the back of the chair.....hmmm, they got along well, despite the fact that Sam is a good couple of years older than Connor. Definitely some similarities in the personalities there.
The boys hated spending time together….

If only these fellas lived a little closer!
Emily, Kate's four year old, was delighted to spend some time with all her older girl cousins, who come from our eldest sister Amie. She loved seeing Bethany, her 6 year old cousin and had a great time with her, playing dress ups in all things pink and purple.

I know Kate was especially excited when Bethany gave the pink tutu to Emily (who thought she'd died and gone to heaven) and I am sure Kate's got lots of debates ahead with Emily over why she can't wear this tutu to school, or church.
One of the most exciting things was that our baby girls, Georgina and Zoe finally got to meet. Kate and I were due one day apart with these two - Georgie was due first. My doc induced me a week early with Zoe because her pregnancy was so awful and I was pretty much living at the hospital anyway. While I was in labour, Kate had an appointment with her midwives, who checked her and told her she pretty much had zero chance of going into labout over the next couple of days. But Georgie had other ideas. Zoe's labour was long and complicated (so much for they get easier the more you have), and she finally emerged early evening on the Friday night. Right about that time Kate's waters broke and in the early hours of the following morning, Georgie was born. Kate and I think there were greater powers at work and that these two were determined to come together, so it was nice to finally get them side by side. Naturally it had to be done in matching outfits.

Georgie is a delightfully outgoing baby - all smiles and cuddles, and Zoe is more reserved in her personality. We put them on the floor at mum and dad's and let them go. It was fun to watch.
They were both a bit unsure at first

but soon warmed up very quickly
y and ignored everyone else and concentrated on each other. There was some very cute leg touching

There was a cuddle - it is blurred because these two move ALL THE TIME!!!
A bit of posing for the cameras

And then it was all over. They stood up together
And then went on the crawl....
Georgie is much faster than Zoe and crawls properly. Zoe has that massive tummy she has to learn to lift up and just commandos it along most of the time. She soon decided following Georgie was way too exhausting.
Georgie was so cute and stopped and came back to Zoe right away. I even got a cuddle with the pair of them.
It was lovely to see the Anderson's. I am really going to miss them all, but I think I will miss this little face most of all….

Bye Georgie. We loved meeting you and can't wait to see you again

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