January 11, 2013

Simplicity 2949

I've indulged in a bit of selfish sewing of late and made myself a new dress. Naturally it is jersey - I much prefer wearing dresses with some sort of stretch in them during the daytime. It is so much easier to deal with all the bending and stretching invovled in a day with young children. Anyway, here is the dress.

I'm looking extra special here, it being the end of a very hot day, so I'm all tired and sweaty and any makeup that was applied in the morning has no hope of remaining on the face. You'll also notice that I have a nice big stain of some sort on the front of the dress, right where you don't want a stain - thanks for that Zoe - and Scott has the ability to make me look like a lollipop head in every single photo he takes of me, which I can assure you is not the case.
Anyway, this dress was made from some green jersey I picked up from a recent trip to The Remnant Warehouse in Sydney. It cost me all of $4, but I needed to raid the stash for a bit of grey, cause there was only 1.3m of it and I needed a bit more to make sure this dress didn't skim the thighs and cause indecent exposure.
This pattern is one I've had in the archives for sometime. It is Simplicity 2942. I've made it before and I love it, so I will definately make it again. I have made a few changes to this pattern - if you sew and want to read more about them, please read my review of the pattern here. I think it is unfortunately out of print now, but there are always ways around the whole out of print factor for anyone who really wants to get their hands on the pattern. Seeing as very few people read this blog, you most likely know me well anyway, so just ask me to borrow it if you want to make one up.
Here is a close up shot of the dress. Way better with the head chopped off I think.

Don't you just love a Summer frock that works for you!! 


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