January 23, 2014

Oliver and S

It is slow going on the blog around here at the moment. I have been unmotivated to blog and have been taking a little break, and Kate has been trekking around Tasmania with the family on a holiday I can't wait to see lots and lots of pictures of!
Anyway, I sort of lost my sewing mojo there for a while after all that market sewing I did and all that stuff that didn't sell. It was very discouraging, so I just wanted to take a break for a while. And then there was all that Christmas sewing to do for family, friends etc. Anyway I've finally sat down this week and done a little sewing for both myself and Zoe and it's made me remember why I love to sew! It's been really quite nice to just sew for us. I've got quite a few projects to share with you over the next few weeks.

Anyway, I love Oliver and S patterns and have a few in my collection and thought it was high time I pulled them out and started sewing.
The first one is the family reunion dress. This is the pattern cover.

How cute are their pattern covers? I actually made this first one for Zoe back in Ocotober, so it fits her a little better now. She's almost too big for it. In another month or so it will be time to put it in the pile of hand me downs

This pattern has cute little pintucks and button detailing on the front and I finished it off with some crotched edged bias tape. The fabric is Jennifer Paganelli Happyland and it is one of my favourite fabrics.

The pattern is very straightforward and was easier to sew than I thought it would be. The instructions are great and you get a fantastic professional finish. I just love these patterns! I particularly like the way the yoke is attached to the dress. It is not a pattern for a beginner, but an advanced beginner through to intermediate sewer would have no problems with this.
The next pattern I sewed up this last week and it is the badminton dress. This dress comes in a pattern with a pair of skorts and an option to make this as a top as well, so it is great value for money.

I love the scalloped edge option on the bottom and the detailng on the upper part of the dress. I used a beautiful kokka cotton that I ordered from the Miss Matatabi etsy store for this one. This fabric may not be everyones cup of tea, but I simply love it and have been hoarding it. I knew it was safe to cut into it for an Oliver & S pattern. I cut a 2T in this one - it's still a bit big, but I am sure in another month it will fit perfectly.

 I contrasted this with a denim coloured rayon that has been in the stash for ages, and made a pleated trim from it to go around the hem.
 Zoe was in no mood to have her photo taken today and thought it was a game of me trying to chase her and tickle her. Everytime I got clos to her she'd just run away, or stand there laughing.

 She was clearly intent on doing her own thing and not standing still, but luckily you can get good pictures of her playing if you take enough photos.

 And here is a shot of the back view.

 This is a super cute pattern and I am thinking of making her the top and skorts soon. She is growing quickly at the moment and clothes do need to be replaced quite often. A big pile of hand me downs is accumulating in the cupboard! Can't wait to sew up some more Oliver and S.


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