January 7, 2014

Pencil Scrolls

This is a wonderful project if you are new to sewing (and yes, you can find dozens of tutorials for them in Blogland).
I usually make my pencil rolls for standard sized pencils (as opposed to chunky ones), with 13 spaces for a set of 12 coloured pencils and one lead pencil or pen. If you want to make a scroll for different sized pencils or for crayons it is easy enough to change the
dimensions. Simply measure the length of your pencils/crayons and add 4cm to allow for seams. For each pencil space I allow 2cm (13 x 2 ) and then add on another 3 cm to the width for seams.

You need 3 pieces of fabric. My dimensions are 29cm x 22cm for the back and front (which is the large floral fabric) and then a piece which is 29cm x 26cm (the red fabric) which has been folded in half. You also need a button with a diameter of at least 2cm and a hair elastic or some ribbon. It is best to use heavy weight fabric such as canvas, corduroy, denim etc  for the outer piece or to put some interfacing on regular quilting cotton.

Place your folded piece of fabric on your back piece, lining up the edges. Starting at 1.5cm from the edge, draw lines at 2cm intervals down your folded piece, using either some fabric chalk or a fabric marker.

Next you need to sew down each of the lines you just marked. Sew down roughly 1cm then backstitch up to the top of the fold and then stitch all the way down to the bottom. This gives your pencil compartments extra strength. Start on the middle line rather than at the edges. 

Stitch down all other lines on one side of the centre and then on the other side.

Snip off your threads.

Fold the piece which you have just stitched from top to bottom so that you can find the middle and crease it with your fingers. This is where you will sew on your hair elastic.

Put your hair elastic (or ribbon) in place and stitch back and forth a few times to give it strength.

Then lay your back piece (the one you haven't used yet) on top of the one with the pencil compartments and sew around the edge leaving a gap as indictaed by the pink line. Your seam allowance doesn't need to be exact here but just make sure you keep your line straight. I usually use a seam allowance of about 1cm.

Snip off your corners….

and then turn inside out.

Carefully poke out the corners and edges with some scissors

and then press flat with your iron.

Stitch around the edge of the whole scroll, keeping your stitch nice and straight.

Fill it with your pencils.

Roll it up and stretch your elastic to see where you should sew on your button.

Sew on your button and you are done! Try using the same technique to make a home for your make-up brushes or crochet hooks.

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