February 8, 2015

The Modkid Melanie

It has been a shocker (to use a real Australian term) of a week here. The start of the week we were at the tail end of the summer school holidays. My boys have 8 weeks off and it is ridiculously long. The first 6 weeks go OK, and then it is like someone flicks a light switch and they turn into these terribly bored lethargic beasts who argue non stop and do nothing around the house. So my patience was at an all time low and then Zoe got a wicked case of food poisoning and vomited non stop for 24 hours. It was awful. She got severely dehydrated and had to be admitted to hospital for a drip. And then her appendix started "grumbling" - I have since learnt that that is indeed a medical term, probably bought on by the dehydration, and she has been in agony all week. No sleeping, lots of crying, no eating and in and out of hospital. It's been a hard week and I am exhausted but hard things do not last forever, and Zoe actually slept last night, is eating and drinking today and says her tummy does not hurt. Phew! And - school went back on Wednesday, the boys both have friends in their classes and love their teachers, so things are looking up.

After that week, it's a pleasure to take a bit of time to blog about a little knit dress that I adore - The Modkid Melanie. Zoe's been living in her Modkid Melanie dresses this Summer. I am a real sucker for this pattern.

I find knit dresses harder to photograph that woven ones. Woven ones tend to stick out more and hold their shape a bit better and on little girls that don't stop moving, I think they photograph better. I think knit ones are far more comfortable to wear though and much better for everyday play. I haven't actually managed to capture how cute this dress is completely on camera, but you'll have to trust me. It's definitely cuter in real life than these pictures.

I trust Modkid patterns so much that for the first Melanie dress I made, I cut into some of my pricey euro knit stash. I haven't actually managed to get a decent photo, and its not likely to happen any time soon, so this will have to do!!.

This is the prefect pattern for printed knits. I love the pockets, the contrasting panels up the side and it sews up so fast. This is a great dress for a beginner - the pattern instructions are easy to read and understand, and a lot of thought has been given to making the construction easy and doable for sewers of all skill levels. Shape wise it is great for girls. It's almost like a flared a line and the pockets help hold the dress out so that it has a really cute shape to it.

Zoe is getting right into posing - be prepared for some absolutely hilarious shots over the next year or so. Here she is giving me her best model pose.

I love the proper sleeve in this pattern. Zoe starts pre school this year and there are so many patterns I just can't use because they don't cover the back and shoulders properly. You could very easily make it long sleeved too and get some wear out of it in winter.

These dresses will transition easily into autumn - you can layer them over leggings and pop a jacket on over the top. This is definitely my go to knit dress sewing pattern. Modkid patterns are also really reliable size wise - they sew up spot on according to the measurement table at the start of the pattern.

I love this pattern. I have the women's version too that I must find time to cut out and sew! Modkid patterns are available at the Modkid etsy store here, and don't forget to going the Modkid Facebook group here for more Modkid inspiration.

Wishing you all a good week this week with plenty of sunshine and no sick kids!!!


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